More and more Printers are enjoying 
The Benefits of SELECTONA Inking System Temperature Control.


Installation is absolutely essential for dry offset printing, although its use in conventional machines also produces more consistent and improved printing results. With or without water, the correct ink viscosity, a prime requirement for a high-quality print product, can only be maintained consistently through the use of inking system temperature control. By means of the combination of heating (in the morning when the machine is cold) and cooling (during continuous printing after the machine has warmed up), consistent ink temperature can be maintained throughout the whole day. 
SELECTONA supplies the best inking system temperature control for GTO machines available on the market. Since 1995, SELECTONA has been selling its systems worldwide, in close co-operation with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.
Our sales success relies on a policy of continual development and product improvement. All GTO-DI machines in Europe are equipped with SELECTONA inking system temperature control. Our system is being used successfully by many of the best-known printers in Germany, with the very highest quality requirements, including the ‘Bundesdruckerei’ in Berlin and the test printshop of Agfa.

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